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CustomWare Designs take great pride in the level of service that we provide our clients. If you have a problem, whether it is hardware, software, training or just a question, we will handle your problem as if it is the only problem there is. We are dedicated to having 100% of our clients 100% satisfied with our products and our service. You are that important to us. Down time is a dirty phrase in our organization and we do everything possible - and sometimes the impossible - to ensure that you do not have ANY down time, and if you do, that it is extremely minimal.

With over 30 years' experience in determining problems and isolating them, your problem will be handled quickly and efficiently - you can count on it. We stand behind our products with a fervor that will make you glad that you do business with CustomWare Designs.

CustomWare Designs offers 24/7/365 telephone, text and e-mail support. There is no charge for most support questions and solutions. Most support calls average 4 minutes (and the answer is in the manual)! We are dedicated to supporting your use of CustomWare® and will do what it takes to keep you happy and satisfied.

We know our software and we can answer quickly (and accurately) your question to solve your particular problem. If your system is on the internet or has a direct dial access port (using PCAnywhere or Logmein for example), we can log in and fix whatever problem you may encounter. On site support is also available.

If you are worried about the support after the sale, please know this: for over 30 years we have relied on word of mouth advertising from our clients - exclusively! A company cannot stay in business without advertising and provide poor support or sub-standard products. Our motto is "Excellence must be the norm" and every day we work to ensure that you know that we live up to that motto.

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