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CustomWare® for Swirl Dealers


Thoroughly tested and used by Brent Matthews of Taylor Freezer Company of Utah for over 30 years, this turn-key, complete accounting and inventory system is now available at a special price for Swirl Company distributors.

With all the software options available to you, would a company stick with their current software for so long if it did not meet all of their needs and wants? What about you?

For Swirl Company Distributors, CustomWare Designs is offering CustomWare® at a very special discount. Call and ask for Ron at 801-840-8300.

  • CustomWare® for Wholesale/Distribution with Retail and Point Of Sale
  • Multiple Locations/profit centers
  • Multiple companies (subsidiaries or independent companies)
  • General Ledger
    • 11 Year History
    • Multiple month & year "open" books - you don't have to close one month or year to begin entering data in a new month or year.
    • Financial Statements
    • Full auditing and audit trails
    • Bank reconciliations - multiple bank accounts
    • More...
  • Accounts Receivable
    • Order Entry
    • Work Orders for performing maintenance/repair/installation for customers
      • Upload to Swirl Company's FTP site your work orders for usage, warranty and non-warranty parts and machines.
    • Items "On Sale" with special pricing
    • Deferred Invoice Posting
    • Point Of Sale
    • Fixed Receivables
    • Notes Receivable
    • Recurring Sales
      • Automatically invoice customers for specific parts at specific intervals - monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annually.
    • Collections
    • Mailing List
    • Contact (potential, or existing customer) tickler system.
    • More...
  • Accounts Payable
    • Purchasing
    • Print Checks or enter Handwritten Checks
    • Direct deposit payments - upload payroll or vendor disbursements directly to your bank.
    • Cash requirement projections.
    • Input of received credit memos for Work Orders.
    • Warranty inventory tracking.
    • More...
  • Payroll
    • Commissions based on gross profit or sale amount, commissions paid when you invoice or when the customer has paid the invoice in full.
    • 401K (no income tax on deduction)
    • 3 Cafeteria Options (no income, social security or medicare taxes on deduction)
    • All federal and state forms and reports
    • Direct deposit & Positive Pay options.
    • More...
  • Inventory
    • 1 to 4 fixed column pricing or 2-4 quantity break pricing columns with suggested retail
    • Quick Response/EDI ordering
    • Inventory levels on each service truck and warehouse
    • Inventory Placement
    • Serialized inventory
      • Serialized history - know what was done, when and by whom on each item installed.
    • Warranty with warranty tracking
      • Listings of work orders not sent, not received, etc.
      • Vendor reconciliation report.
      • More reporting...
    • Import vendor's price lists
    • Reports giving usage by part number, department, category, vendor, style, color, customer or vendor with sorting by quantity sold/used and/or dollar volume; hottest or coldest products being sold; many, many more.
    • Sale pricing for "clearance" items.
    • Specialized pricing for each customer.
    • More...
  • Depreciation
  • Internet integration
    • Automatic generation of internet programs
    • Customer Statements
    • Open Orders
    • Order Entry
    • Invoice and Payment history with detail
    • Inventory Placement with history
    • Make Online Payments
  • Export all master data files for use in Word®, Excel®, etc.
  • More...

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