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Clothing Manufacturing & Silk Screening

Many of our silk screening clients have been using CustomWare® for over 15 years! With all of the options available in the software market, would you stay with something that didn't work for you?

With Customware® you have choices. If you do not need or want an option, simply turn it off in the menu. Matrix ordering - which is a single screen with rows for sizes and columns for styles. The page down key changes colors. Quick order entry!

Production slips are made so that the screeners can easily organize their work. Shipping tied in with UPS so the customer and you know what is in each box!

Silk Screening, Clothing Manufacturing includes raw materials, sub assemblies, parts explosion, multiple locations of raw material inventory, sub assembly inventory and finished goods inventory, transfer status of items from one location to another, work in progress and more. Designed for "starter" manufacturers through the largest of mega-manufacturers.

  • Finished Goods
  • Raw Materials
  • Multiple inventory locations
  • Drop shipments from supplier
  • Work in progress
  • Warranty system - tracks for customers and vendors.
  • Wash labels
  • Size labels
  • Contents labels
  • Hang tags
  • Screening tickets
  • Inventory control for products and/or by design
  • More...

And, of course the basics:

  • Multiple Locations/profit centers
  • Multiple companies (subsidiaries or independent companies)
  • Internet integration
  • Automatic generation of internet programs
    • Customer Statements
    • Open Orders
    • Order Entry
    • Invoice and Payment history with detail
    • Inventory Placement with history
    • Make Online Payments
  • General Ledger
    • 11 Year History
    • Multiple month & year "open" books - you don't have to close one month or year to begin entering data in a new month or year.
    • Financial Statements
    • Full auditing and audit trails
    • Bank reconciliations - multiple bank accounts
    • More...
  • Accounts Receivable
    • Work Orders
    • Items "On Sale" with special pricing
    • Fixed Receivables
    • Notes Receivable
    • Recurring Sales
    • Collections
    • Mailing List
    • Contact (potential, or existing customer) tickler system.
    • Multiple Sales Tax Rates. Sales tax by city, county, and/or state.
    • More...
  • Order Entry
    • Back orders
    • 1 and 2 size Matrix order screens
    • Sale Items override current pricing
    • Fixed 1 column pricing
    • Fixed 4 column pricing
    • Quantity break 4 column pricing
      • All quantities
      • Quantities computed by individual styles
      • Quantities computed by style & color
      • Quantities computed by style, color & size
    • Customers can have set column pricing, an order can override master information.
    • Acknowledgements
    • Shipping fees calculated by weight & number of boxes
    • More...
  • Accounts Payable
    • Purchasing
    • Print Checks or enter Handwritten Checks
    • Direct deposit payments - upload payroll or vendor disbursements directly to your bank.
    • Cash requirement projections.
    • More...
  • Payroll
    • 401K (no income tax on deduction)
    • 3 Cafeteria Options (no income, social security or medicare taxes on deduction)
    • All federal and state forms and reports
    • Direct deposit & Positive Pay options.
    • More...
  • Inventory
    • 1 to 4 fixed column pricing or 2-4 quantity break pricing columns with suggested retail
    • Weighted average, LIFO, FIFO, Last Cost costing.
    • Quick Response/EDI ordering
    • Serialized inventory
    • Warranty inventory
    • Import vendor's price lists
    • Reports giving usage by part number, department, category, vendor, style, color, customer or vendor with sorting by quantity sold/used and/or dollar volume; hottest or coldest products being sold; many, many more.
    • Sale pricing for "clearance" items.
    • Specialized pricing for each customer.
    • More...
  • Depreciation
  • Export all master data files for use in Word®, Excel®, etc.
  • More...

The Point of Sale center is available just in case you have a front desk or service desk station that sells on site.

We can supply everything from the bar code readers to credit card swipers to cash drawers and terminals. From 1 to 1,000 registers, CustomWare®'s Point Of Sale system will keep track of your inventory levels and more. Operator log-in, log-out, multiple operators per terminal, multiple sales-in-progress per terminal (the customer decides they want something else, why keep the customer in line waiting?), till reconciliations and more.

  • Bar Code input
  • Multiple locations
  • Multiple registers per location
  • Credit card processing
  • Layaway
  • Inventory locator (for multiple locations and "back room" storage)
  • More...

Manage your vehicle maintenance and history. Know when something needs to be done, keep track of costs of repair and maintenance as well as operating costs from oil to gas. Vehicles may be tied to inventory locations and more.

  • Vehicle Maintenance History
  • Vehicle Maintenance Schedules
  • Costing
  • Reminders
  • Mileage and mileage history
  • More...

CustomWare® has over 130 specific options which can be used singly or in any combination:

Pragma is the programming language that CustomWare® is written in. Pragma® was invented in 1973 by Logical Business Machines, (LOMAC and now Logical Business Systems), and it is the only programming language in the world that can program in a foreign language. Designed to ease the tedious tasks of programmers, programming takes 1/10th the time for comparably experienced programmers in C++, Java and others. CustomWare Designs is a Master Distributor of Pragma® and provides world wide support to over 300 dealers.

  • Natural Language
  • Diplomat
  • Pragma 3
  • Pragma 4 (text 16 bit)
  • Pragma 4 (text 32 bit)
  • Pragma 5 (Windows® graphical 32 bit)
  • Pragma SCO UNIX (Pragma 4, 16 bit)
  • Pragma Linux (Pragma 4, 32 bit) Installation Instructions

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