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CustomWareŽ is written in the programming language called PragmaŽ 4. PragmaŽ is the only programming language in the world where the programmer may write programs in their native language.

Any application can be displayed on a screen in any language but the programmer must first know English. This requirement has limited many talented people from using their talents to their maximum potential. CustomWare® with Pragma® eliminates that obstacle.

Clients that have learned the Pragma® language (one of the easiest to learn) program in their native language making them, as programmers, more productive and there is no translation errors to the operator.

If you have your own IT department or wish to bring your IT needs in-house, CustomWare® with Pragma® is your best and possibly, your only solution.

Pragma® can be programmed in any language and most of our non-U.S. based clients program in Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese and more.

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