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A Word About Security


WHYEver heard of Katrina?

It is Saturday, 5:00 A.M. A water pipe bursts flooding the 2nd story offices with 3" of water and the first floor offices with an inch.
Two computer workstations are totaled.

Here, 3 servers are being re-configured and tested. Last backup:
Friday, 11:00 P.M.

Total amount of data: 29,150,000Mb (29.150Gb)

Total data lost: -0- NONE

From a client:
"We had to evacuate our building yesterday because the restaurant next door caught fire."

All of your data is in your computer. What and which and how much customers owe you. Contacts, notes of conversations and meetings and agreements. Forms you have spent days on perfecting. Your accounting information, payroll information and much, much more. On your home computer you have the only copy of all your digital pictures. A fire breaks out, vandals break in and destroy, thieves break in and steal, and you are infected with a virus. From natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods to man-made disasters such as terrorists or hoodlums to just plain bad luck of your computer system dieing and taking with it all the data you need for your business to survive. How do you recover?

Many companies in the World Trade Centers, including the New York Stock Exchange did not have timely off-site backups. With the most recent backup for the NYSE being two weeks old, it took weeks and re-entering of hundreds of millions of transactions before they were able to get up and online again. How much do you suppose that cost them and everyone else? How much do you suppose it would be worth to restore the data from the previous night?

Disaster Recovery is nothing more or less than insurance. You insure your car, your home, your health, your business. For as little as .95 .95 per month you can insure that your computer data is backed up and recoverable.


You need to backup your system. You need to have a backup away from your office. You need to remember to take the time and do it often. You then need to remember to take it home or to the bank.

Most traditional backup systems do not store your data with any level of protection. A zip drive, CD, or tape can easily be read by someone if it were to come into their possession. All of these media can be destroyed by heat or magnetism or just plain aging. Consequently, we believe that CustomWare® BackUp Rx is actually a safer and more secure method of protecting your data.


Automated (and/or manual), secure and encrypted backup of your data and programs using the internet (or telephone line) on a set schedule. You need to use CustomWare® BackUp Rx.


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There are many important parts to what we call CustomWare® BackUp Rx.

  • We backup all the data on network workstations and servers.
  • We can save or not save any file on any computer on the network.
  • The backup can be complete or just files that have changed since the last backup.
  • The Internet transmission is heavily encrypted.
  • The backup can be done on any interval desired.
  • An email report is sent reporting the results of the backup.
  • Any error conditions are reported in the email report.
  • In case of trouble, help is available 24 hours a day.

Choose from full system or data only backups. Full system backups ensure that all system and data files are backed up on a timely basis and provide full system recovery in the event of computer failure, theft, or disaster recovery.

CustomWare® BackUp Rx will automatically select all of your important data files for you, but does not backup your program files. CustomWare® BackUp Rx can be easily customized by the user to include additional files, file types or directories.

There is no limit on the number of versions of all files stored for easy retrieval. Some of our customers have weekly backups online spanning over 3 years.

Backups can happen automatically on a schedule or can be initiated by users.

Backups are quick and efficient, even over dial-up connections.

The ability to recover lost data anywhere, at any time.


Listed below is a list of services we offer our clients. Please contact us for more information on any service or combination of services.

  • Remote Backup/Restore for Windows Servers and Networks
  • Remote Backup/Restore for Linux/Unix Servers and Networks
  • Remote Backup/Restore for Multi-value Databases
  • Historical Data Preservation on CD or DVD
  • We can transfer the backup data from our server to CDs, DVDs or hard drives thereby retaining backups without the higher cost of online monthly storage. If you have media of any type we can store that for you - just mail them to us. Should you need data that is stored on off-server media we can either upload it to our server for your retrieval or we can mail it to you. Unless the media is CD or DVD or our hard drive media we cannot put the media on our server should you require restoration but we can mail it back to you.


Security is always a concern when dealing with the Internet and especially when transferring personal files and sensitive information. Not only is it important to our customers, but it is also a prime concern of System Designs. Without security in every aspect of our service, our own business and reputation would be in jeopardy. That is why we have taken substantial precautions to ensure the security of your data not only while in transit to the storage center, but also while stored at the storage center. The following are overviews of the ways in which you are protected.

Account Protection

  • 256-bit AES encryption of your files by your computer before leaving your computer and also stored at the storage centers encrypted - this encryption has never been broken
  • Password protection of your account. Your password can be 256 characters in UPPER and/or lower case and can be anything you choose. What are the odds on someone using THIS paragraph as a password? The more characters you use for a password, the more difficult it is to break it. Imagine it!
  • Unique individual account numbers
  • Access to your account is limited to key support individuals and all changes are logged and reported to you.

Network Protection

  • Internet Firewall which permits only specific computers to log in.
  • All connections to are authenticated by valid account and password
  • Failed access attempts are logged and reviewed
  • Best operating system and database security practices are followed
  • Only software necessary to provide the service is running

Physical Security

  • Co-location sites have 24x7 security personnel
  • Co-location equipment is locked in a room with sensors and alarm system
  • All visitors require pre-authorization and photographic identification
  • All access to computer equipment is logged


Unlike traditional backup methods, CustomWare® BackUp Rx retains multiple versions of each file online for easy retrieval. In the event that you accidentally overwrite, delete, or need to go back to a previous version of a file, an easy explorer type interface allows you to see all versions of the file that are available, and you can easily restore any or all of the files back to your computer with a few simple clicks on your mouse.

For example, assume that you open an existing Word document as a template for a new proposal you are working on. After making your changes, you save the document. Then you realize you just saved the document without changing the name, losing the original. With CustomWare® BackUp Rx, you can now view all the versions of the file and retrieve back the file before the changes were made. This is a common mistake and one that you can now correct, quickly and easily. To reduce your monthly storage fee we can place onto CD or DVD data for archival backups.


The most important part of any backup plan is that the backups are actually being performed. While most people have good intentions, they seldom backup their computers on a regular schedule. If you don't believe it, just ask your employees when was the last two times they backed up their computer and you'll see what we mean. CustomWare® BackUp Rx does not depend on the user to initiate the backup. It can be configured to fit your needs, and ensure that backups are performed on a regular basis. Backups can be set to run automatically on a schedule, run on shutdown of the computer or run on detection of network connectivity. In addition, you're not just limited to one method, so you can choose all three if you like.

CustomWare® BackUp Rx allows you to set time intervals for each day of the week when you would like the backup to automatically run. At the scheduled backup time, the software initiates and backs up your computer, encrypts the data for transmission and sends it over the Internet to one of our mirrored storage centers. As long as your computer is turned on, the backup will run and you are protected. If you leave your computer on at night or have a set schedule, such as lunchtime, this option is perfect. You can also have the computer backup in the background, even while you are working.


Backups over the Internet can be long and slow without the proper technology. CustomWare® BackUp Rx addresses these problems in several ways. The initial backup will be the longest since all of your files need to be transferred to the remote data storage centers. To minimize the time this will take, several methods are employed. First, all the data files on your computer are only transferred once. The second feature is data compression of all your files. Typically the compression algorithms allow your data to be compressed to about ¼ the size of the original, allowing faster transmission of these files. Utilizing these methods, the initial backup can be significantly sped up. Even over dial-up connections, you can perform the initial backup. Using any higher speed connection such as ISDN, DSL or cable, the initial backup usually runs in a few hours.

After the initial transfer, subsequent backups are very quick and efficient. Any new or changed files are sent to the storage center using the compression technology discussed above. These technologies result in typical backup times of only a few minutes using a standard dial-up connection.


The key to a successful backup program is the ability to quickly and easily retrieve files when the need arises. CustomWare® BackUp Rx stores unlimited versions of your files and provides an easy to use interface to select and retrieve your files. The ability to recover from different versions of files is also an important consideration.

With a 99.99% historical uptime of our servers over the past several years, you are essentially guaranteed that your files will be ready and available when you need them. If you have sustained a total computer loss or failure, all of your backed up files can be provided to you on CD-ROM or DVD or, with a high-speed Internet connection you can restore online. Remember, backing up your computer is only the first step in a successful program. You also need to ensure that the backups are stored offsite in a secure location, and that they will be available to you when the need arises. WithCustomWare® BackUp, all of this is taken care of automatically.

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