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Since 1978, CustomWare Designs (formerly known as System Designs) has helped thousands of small, mid-size and large companies maximize their resources, improve their efficiency and increase their productivity in over 29 countries and 300 industries using CustomWare®.

Our competitive edge: one-on-one, we form a personal partnership with you, our client, ensuring that we identify, analyze and implement the most cost effective solutions for your needs. From a company with just one computer to a company with 1,000's of computers and subsidiaries all connected through the internet.

CustomWare Designs offers competitive pricing, high quality, a value/performance product line, as well as a responsive, knowledgeable and accessible staff. Let us be your personal computer experts. Using CustomWare® you can quickly customize your software and if you need something not in CustomWare®, we can add it cost effectively.

CustomWare® runs on almost any operating system from MS-DOS® to Windows® XP to UNIX, including Linux. Unlike most of today's software CustomWare® is purposefully a text based interface. Why would we choose text over graphical? Simple: Productivity and efficiency. An operator using a mouse is up to 4 times slower than one using just the keyboard. CustomWare® is SERIOUS BUSINESS software - we're not the .95 off-the-shelf amateur hobby software.

CustomWare® is about you customizing your software. With over 130 options that you set, CustomWare® will accommodate your business so that your business does not have to accommodate CustomWare®.

While CustomWare® works very well with manufacturing, retail and wholesale companies, it can also be used very effectively for just plain old bookkeeping software with invoices printed on plain paper or choose from 6 pre-printed forms from major forms manufacturers. With 4 different types of checks, your cash disbursement problems are solved. No over paying and a complete history of all payments and invoices. If you require a special form -- invoice, work order, check, etc., we can quickly and cost-effectively add it to your list of options.

Updates are available at no charge through this web site - FOREVER! There is no telephone support charge (up to 1/2 hour). "Online" help (Help is available to the operator within CustomWare®) is just one of the user features that makes life just a little bit easier.

CustomWare® is written in the programming language called Pragma® 4. Pragma® is the only programming language in the world where the programmer may write programs in their native language. Pragma 5® is the graphical 32 bit version. Pragma® is also up to 10 times faster to write programs with than C++, Java, etc. for comparably efficient programmers. Pragma® is distributed by CustomWare Designs and is the World Headquarters for Logical Business Systems. The European headquarters for Logical Business Systems is in Milan, Italy.

Pragma® uses 2 security schemes. The first, and used for all operating systems except Linux, is a dongle or security block. This block plugs into the computer's parallel port (printer) and the printer will plug into the back of it. The second, which is used with the Linux operating system and an option with Pragma 5 in Windows®, is a security key generated from your computer. The key is only valid on a single machine.

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